I’ve known Becky for a number of years but it wasn’t until we connected with babies due at the same time that we became friends. Our babies are now 3 and this is Millie Rose’s first role as big sister in this Grimsby Newborn family portrait.

Jacob is now sitting up and on solids! This is how much I’ve neglected blogging. But here he is on his newborn session. Like most newborn portraits, they take time. It’s very unusual that I arrive to a completely settled fresh baba with their eyes wide open ready to be papped. It just doesn’t happen.

Unlike many photographers I actually prefer baby to be awake (theres only so many photos of a baby sleeping you can get). So many people don’t want this time documented but let me tell you, THEY CHANGE SO QUICK. You’ll blink and this time will be over. They’ll be routing through the knife and fork drawer looking for spare change for youth club before you know it.

I have albums from all of my babies from when they’re minutes old. I look through these more often than I’d like to admit. I love looking back on how they looked when they first entered the world. Within a few weeks they look so different. Within a few months they’ve changed again. Don’t stop taking photos, its so important.

Anyway, I digress. Jacob didn’t want to settle, no matter how much we tried winding, feeding and changing. He just wasn’t feeling great. He had tummy ache (this is very common and all my babies had some sort of colic, reflux) We eventually tried the white noise trick and he seemed happier with the hair dryer on. Millie Rose decided half way through the session that she’d give me a two minute window of being papped with Jacob. Bouncing on the bed and playing with Daddy was way more fun! So with a two minute window and some white noise you can still get some beautiful memories to cherish forever.

No Newborn shoot is a breeze, but I absolutely love them. Every single one.