I’ve photographed these beauties before when Jack was a fresh little newborn. What a joy it was to run around the beach with them for their Cleethorpes family shoot. This was to mark Stanley starting school. It’s always such an emotional time when your babies head to full time school. My mama heart has been through this and is not looking forward to doing it again with my Ralphie. Luckily its a while before my youngest starts school. I don’t think I could cope without my babies around! Anyway I’m babbling.

Young Stanley and Jack are typical lads. We had a lovely mixture of playing and scrapping with a dusting of nose wiping and ladybird catching. Thats this shoot in a nutshell, oh and Stanley found a plastic army figure. Like the ones in Toy Story. He called it “Army face”. Made me chuckle. I love kids.

The beach is a great place for a shoot and were so lucky its on our doorstep. My partner thinks I shoot at the beach too much, but seriously, the little ones can kick off their shoes, run through the water and go nuts. Whats not to love? Just bring a towel (and spare clothes) and we’ll have the best time.