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Two Little m&ms

“Two Little m&m’s”

Such a fitting title for one of the most adorably sweet brother and sister shoots I have ever done. I’d love to take credit for the title, but it’s Max and Matilda’s Mummy who calls them her “m&ms”.

I had photographed Max before when he was 11 weeks old and Matilda when she was just 2 weeks old so I knew to expect mounds of gorgeousness! Max was happy to be photographed at intervals whilst watching ‘Mr Maker’, with Matilda happy to be photographed whilst receiving tickles from Mummy.

I had so much fun routing through Matildas vastly growing tutu collection (and photographing her in nearly every one of them), tickling Max’s toes and generally having a ball. I can’t wait until our next session when Matilda will most definitely be on the move (cue lots of out of focus shots) xxx

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